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Bridal Bliss: 5 Stylish Wedding Ideas Made Simple

Focusing on the beauty of love is the first step on the path to sanity but the next number of steps usually involve seating disputes and tales of woe involving bridesmaid dresses. A wedding that the bride and groom enjoy can be created with the clarification of priorities.

First The Location And Then The Invite

Determining budget helps stay on track when choosing a location but if finances are limited, consider a home wedding or requesting the use of a friend’s house. Surprisingly, there is no location fee for marrying in Central Park in New York City if the wedding guest list is 20 or less. Even the style of wedding is also same in UK, but nothing beats asian wedding planning no matter you live in UK or USA. A horse and carriage ride will run about $100 and set the tone perfectly. Check local requirements within any community for potential free wedding locations.

Sending out the invites has never been so easy. While most couples still opt for paper invites, Evite has made possible a stress-free option and branding it “eco friendly” makes it etiquette appropriate. Depending on the personalities of the couple, choices for invites can include silly drawings, personalized photos or the traditional path. Online ordering makes life smooth with decisions made from the comfort of home.

5 Money Saving Steps For The Simple Wedding

Many of today’s brides and grooms work long hours and keep up with a number of commitments. The appeal of a day that is easy to put together and cost friendly is enticing and the following suggestions can help.

  • Dress and Suit – Buying the bride’s dress and deciding upon the groom’s suit encourage everything else to fall in place. Generally the location and personal style of the couple influence the mode of attire looking to buy off the rack can save an enormous amount for the dress worn only once.
  • Flowers – A simple store bought bouquet can do the trick and filling in with single blooms in inexpensive bud vases rounds out the floral choice without breaking the bank. Consider skipping pricey roses in favor of gerbera daisies, sunflowers or even small potted flowers that can double as favors when guests take them home.
  • Food – For the truly homespun celebration a potluck could be incorporated into a theme of “Forever Feast” with guests bringing a favorite dish. If recipes were e-mailed in advance, creating recipe books at sites such as Shutterfly for take home favors would be sure to please. If friends or family include a baker and most do, let the gift be the cake. Placing fresh flowers on the confection turns a delicious dessert into a divine decorationThe money saved on catering and spent on this take home memory is priceless.
  • Photography – The one area to choose carefully is the photographer however, thanks to digital, enlisting a bevy of friends to snap away will yield an abundance of photos. The key to success is the more shots the better and choosing a friend willing to look at wedding photography books allows for creatively planned portraits..
  • Decor – Choosing a style that is reflective of the couple can be easier on the wallet when personal items such as tablecloths and vases are included. Bales of hay and jelly jars with candles for the country wedding, Christmas lights and shiny bulbs for December, pumpkins on clearance after Halloween but still perfect for fall are fabulous outside the box ideas.

From Texas To New York City, Brides Just Want To Have Fun

With the dress, flowers and cake accomplished, the good times are ready to roll. Keeping the wedding planner simple and making a list of the most important points encourages staying on track. Following the above points offers a beginning to creating the special day and makes choices fun and easy. As the wedding album of photos is comprised a look of bliss and relaxation should be on every happy face.