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Choosing Music for the Wedding Reception: Hire a DJ

Choosing the best songs for a wedding reception will set the mood for a memorable wedding celebration. A wedding DJ will be able to assist in finding music to best suit the preferences of the newlyweds and their guests. Essex wedding planners can offer terrific songs services. Keep looking for them!

Song Requests for the Wedding DJ

Give the wedding music a list of songs that are special to the bride and groom, and special to friends and family. If the newlyweds wish to include any cultural music, a DJ will be able to assist in blending traditional music with modern hits.

When making a list of requests, remember to select a mix of slow songs and fast-paced dancing songs. Also, remember that while there might be many song requests, there are only so many hours in a reception. Also, the disc jockeys know how to get people dancing and keep them dancing. The DJ will work to strike a balance between requests and other songs that may be better suited to the mood of the reception.


If there are certain songs that the bride or groom does not want to hear at their reception, let the DJ know. It is a good idea to give the DJ lots of warning, so he can prepare his play list well in advance.

Classic and Popular Wedding Reception Music

An experienced DJ will know exactly what types of songs will play well at the reception. Share some basic information with the DJ, on the theme and the personal tastes of the couple. With a very specific theme, he may be able to create a list of vintage, romantic or beach-themed songs.

A good DJ will understand the need to play a mix of songs to appease many tastes. The main concern is usually to find a balance between songs that the older and younger generations will appreciate. Many disc jockeys find it is a good idea to play the oldies early in the night, and break out the current popular music after many of the older guests may have headed home.

Special Songs for the Wedding Reception

The decision of what songs to play for all the special moments of a reception may be given entirely to the DJ, or it can be a shared effort between the DJ and the couple. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Garter and Bouquet Toss – All the Single Ladies, Beyonce
  • First Dance – I’m Yours, Jason Mraz; You Had Me From Hello, Kenny Chesney
  • Groom Dance With Mother – In My Life, Bette Midler
  • Bride Dance With Father – I Loved Her First, Heartland
  • Bridal Party Dance – Celebration, Kool & the Gang
  • Cake Cutting – Sugar Sugar, The Archies
  • Introduction of Bridal Party – I Got A Feeling, Black Eyed Peas
  • Introduction of Bride and Groom – At Last, Etta James, Beautiful Day, U2

Questions for the Wedding DJ

Ask the DJ how many weddings he has played. Find a DJ that comes with a referrals from other satisfied couples. To get an idea of the range of music, ask the DJ to show sample play lists. Make sure that the DJ is available for the full length of the reception. Finally, review the pricing and get the final contract in writing.