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Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer

Planning a big wedding is a massive undertaking, but none of it matters to posterity except what’s captured in the wedding photographs. Choosing the right wedding photographer can mean precious memories are preserved as works of art to show to friends, children and grandchildren for years to come.

Ask Friends & Family for Referrals

It’s sound advice to turn to family and friends first in seeking a wedding photographer. Friends and relatives may know a professional photographer who is perfect for the occasion. It’s also possible that their recommendations don’t suit the tastes of the bride and groom. Referrals and recommendations can be a great start, but they’re not the only way to find a good photographer. The phone book, internet, and local photographers can all deliver promising leads.

Wedding Photography Portfolios

Even if the recommendation comes from a trusted friend, it’s important to check out a photographer’s portfolio before making a decision. Hiring a specialist wedding photographer in London is an art and first of all one should look at the portfolio of a photographer. A portfolio is a way for each wedding photographer to “show and tell” about their experience and artistry. Portfolios also give a sense of whether a photographer’s body of experience is in big events like weddings, personal portraits, or another type of photography.

Most professional wedding photographers will have a website that displays a portfolio of their work online. It’s terrific advertising for the photographer and makes it possible to get a feel for their style before even picking up a phone to contact them.

If the photographer works for a big wedding studio, make sure the photo portfolio belongs to the man or woman who will be taking photos at the wedding. Large studios often display portfolios of work done by their more senior photographers, but may substitute less experienced photographers on the big day.

A Photographer’s Style and Experience

Wedding photography may sound simple: point the camera at people and click. In fact, there’s a great deal of artistry and technique that goes into making beautiful wedding memories look beautiful. Every photographer will have a unique vision and a preference for a certain style, be it classic or modern, black and white or contemporary. His or her portfolio will usually give some idea of a photographer’s usual style, but it’s always good to raise it in discussion as well. A photographer who isn’t willing to discuss style options may not be listening.

Experience is important as well. Although it doesn’t say everything, if a photographer only does wedding photography “on the side” of another day job, the work may not be as professional as that of a full-time photographer.

Wedding Photography Packages and Prices

When it comes to price, the best plan is compare different photographer’s rates. A good guideline is to expect to spend about 10-15% of the wedding budget on the photographs and photo accessories – things like extra proofs, the original negatives, photo albums and other things that may be part of a package deal.

Who is the Photographer?

Last but not least, don’t forget that the personality of the wedding photographer does make an impression. If he’s annoying to interview, imagine how irritating he’d be while trying to pose people on the wedding day! A good photographer will interact smoothly and charmingly with wedding guests and will dress well enough to blend in with the rest of the wedding party. Pick a photographer who is likeable and who listens well.

There’s lots to consider before the big day. Asking plenty of questions is the best and only way to make finding a photographer a snap.