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How to Decorate a Ballroom for a Wedding

Ballrooms that are spacious, have poor lighting, and include tacky chairs need to be turned into romantic spaces for a couple’s wedding. Wedding planners and engaged couples can do this with wedding reception decoration ideas including decorations for the walls and ceiling. Also, couples should consider lighting options for their wedding locations as well as other problems that come with ballroom wedding receptions.   

Wedding Reception Decorations for Ballroom Walls

Many ballrooms have plain, white walls, so that the room can be used for multiple purposes. If the couple wants a modern feeling to their wedding, then white walls can add to the ambiance. However, if the couple wants a lush, romantic wedding, white walls won’t cut it. Wedding decorations for this area greatly depend on the couple’s budget. Apart from decorations, you can find lots of wedding dresses in harrogate.

Fill a hallway or cocktail area by hanging pictures of the couple, friends and family members that will be attending the wedding, past weddings of loved ones and childhood memories. This can be done inexpensively. Two more affordable decorations for walls of a ballroom are mirrors or large canvases painted in colors of the wedding palette. If the couple is already paying for lighting, they can have the lighting company wash the walls in a flattering color with lighting techniques. Couples with a large budget can choose to decorate the walls by draping them with fabric which creates a warm, romantic atmosphere.

Decoration Ideas for Tall Ballroom Ceilings

Many couples want to get married in a ballroom but are worried that the tall ceilings leave little room for an intimate, romantic feeling. Couples can fix this problem by having tall centerpieces. If the couple doesn’t want to use tall centerpieces, they can hang decorations from the ceiling. They could use chandeliers or lanterns to add another depth to the room. Encourage guests to dance all night by hanging lots of lanterns overtop the dance floor only. No one will even notice the high ceilings.

Lighting Options for a Wedding Reception

Lighting can make or break a wedding decorations. Before booking a ballroom, the couple should ensure that the lights can be dimmed. If the couple can’t afford to pay a lighting company to make the room look extravagant, they can still have a fabulous wedding with dimmed lighting and candles. Add groups of candles to each table to get a romantic feeling in any ballroom. If the couple can afford to pay for lighting, they should stick with warm tones such as ambers and pinks. The couple can make the dance floor pop by having the lighting company display their initials on the dance floor.

Solutions and Wedding Decorations for Problems in Ballrooms

Some couples fall in love with a ballroom and then realize that the chairs are awful. They might clash with the color palette and appear tacky. Couples can remedy this by renting chair covers or caps for the tops or backs of the chairs. Another solution is to rent chairs that are more visually appealing; however, this option can be expensive.

Another problem some couples have once they choose a ballroom is realizing that it’s too big for their guest list. Couples can make a space appear smaller by using square tables instead of round tables. Wedding planners and couples can also rent trees to place in certain areas of the ballroom to make it look more intimate. One other way to deal with this problem is to create a cocktail area or lounge area within the space with couches and ottomans.

When couples choose ballrooms for their wedding receptions, they might not realize that the space can come with decorating challenges. Couples can deal with these challenges by considering wedding reception decorations for the walls and ceilings, lighting options, and finding budget-friendly solutions for specific issues.