Pure Planning

Finding the right party planner.

If you have some future plans in throwing a party and you are wondering how exactly and where exactly you are going to find the right guys that can make all this happen, here we have come up with some quick and handy ideas that will help you find that right guy or the party planners company.

At the very first stage you need to talk to your friends and family to get the referrals. Ask them about some certain company that they have already worked with and they really liked their job. This is probably the best way in finding the right party planners. As they will be giving you the first hand information and all what you need to know right from your doorstep. They would give you a better understanding of how things work, about the payment methods and charges as well.

In the second option, you can directly go to your venue that you have finalized for your event. Whether it is a hotel, a country club talk to the management over there. They are the guys in field and they know all what is needed about different event management experts around town and also about the vendors who have been working in the industry. They can direct you towards the right guy or the exact same guy that you are looking for. The catering managers can refer you to the vendors. A lot of times they do this as they have good terms with the people in the industry and their work goes on like this by referring to each other.

While locally, you can look into MPI that stands for the meeting planning international chapter.
Apart from that you can find all this in any famous local wedding magazines as there you will find the advertisement given by the vendors and event managers themselves. They want people to have access over them and get their job done. So this is a very fundamental source of making contact with the desired person that you are looking for.

After finding the guy set a meeting and look whether you guys are compatible personality wise and positive vibes are just coming out, realize that you are all set to go. Make sure they are experienced, they have got all the credentials and ask how long they have been doing this job. Never compromise on the security factor and know about their base office and landline number. Also ask about their license details and now you are good to go.

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